karibu kituo cha nishati

KITUO CHA NISHATI MBADALA KATA YA OLDONYOSAMBU:karibu kupata huduma ya nishati mbadala kituoni,mifumo ya paneli za umeme jua; saizi tofauti tofauti:-SOLATA inayochaji simu,TOCHI inayochaji betri. MGAHAWA KUTUMIA MAJIKO SANIFU,HUDUMA ZA COMPUTER,MAJIKO SANIFU NA BANIFU:-jiko janja,kapu la ajabu,MITI MICHE YA AINA MBALIMBALI INAPATIKANA:-parachichi, mibono,albizia, groton,moringa, markhmla, na mingineyo. MITAMBO YA GESI, SABUNI ZA MBONO JATROPHA, na USHAURI KEM KEM WA KUTOKA KWA MAMA NISHATI.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The new constructed road from Arusha town passing through certain villages like Rengijave, oldonyosambu and Longido up to Namanga and then Nairobi Kenya, is almost finished which lies about 109 kilometers between Arusha town and Namanga the border. After being finished the road will be helpful so much for all the villagers of Oldonyosambu in social economic activities, cause easier and fast transport will be available from our villagers linking to this two big cities of Nairobi Kenya and Arusha in Tanzania. Knowing that Arusha is the capital of East Africa Community which is the union about five nations of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, in one or other way the road construction after be finished the ways of communication will be nice and reliable and the connection between Tanzanian and Uganda through Nairobi Kenya will be well established, womens and small economic groups in our villages among of them Oldonyosambu will now be in the refresh way of doing some small businesses along the road for passengers, big transportation tracks, and tourist will be increase passing through the high way and let small and individual businesses to be effective.

Oldonyosambu womens groups tends to make handcrafts, cooking foods, and other farming horticulture harvests will be sold along the road to Nairobi as well as Arusha in Tanzania. Before there is a old road constructed with the colonies in 1970's for their interest but the road was so narrow for passing two vehicles and hardly corrugated with holes between which restrict fast movement.

In other side the construction of the road leave the environment destruction in some areas, due to mining of the rocks and suitable soils for engineers using for construction, some of the villagers complain for this activities of mining to take place within our village lands, but in other way no way out cause the road will be much helpful rather than leave the land without mined, even so the government took an analysis and investigation evaluation to determine if the soil destruction and the road construction which will be important and not leave other side be affected. So the results shows that the soil destruction will not be affected even the soil will be mined for the road purposes. (from willfred oldonyosambu village) found more through this email address; laizer2008@yahoo.com

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